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Spend Less Than You Earn

If you find yourself using a credit card to get yourself through the month, you may be spending more than you make.  To keep it from getting out of hand, you need to create a budget.  To some people, it is a nasty word that means structured limits, and restriction.  To others, it is a … Continue reading

Stop Shopping Now

If you want to save money, stop shopping now.  This may sound like a no-brainer, or you may think, “Hey, I need to buy food” but do you shop from a list?  Do you veer off the beaten path and stop at the shoe store on your way home?  Do you let your kids predict … Continue reading

Start Saving Money Right Now

Food is a necessity, and it can get expensive, but you can still save money while shopping.  Even if you think you can’t cook, try it, It is less expensive than eating out. Before you shop for food, make menus for the week including lunch for work.  If you like sandwiches as lunches, you will … Continue reading

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